As Clients First Realty, LLC continues to add agents and grow even stronger, it is imperative that we receive the proper paperwork and it is received in a timely manner. This not only helps to keep the office flowing smoothly, but allows you to receive your commission checks at closing!!

For our new agents and a refresher for some of our more seasoned agents, the following forms are to be turned in with your listings and sales. These forms can be found at

'Find and Click' the "CFR Agent Login Tab", then login (SEE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR LOGIN INFORMATION) ... Click Agent’s Checklists & Forms, then 'Find and Click' the Check Lists - Fax Cover Sheets and the Contract Info Sheets and select the forms needed for your specific type of transaction.

With your New Listings – a "Fax Cover Sheet New Listing" must be attached – along with the "Listing Information Sheet".  Please include your MLS ID next to your name. … i.e. Cheri Smith CS123

With your New Sales (residential, rentals, new builds, vacant land, commercial) – a "Fax Cover Sheet New Sale or Lease" form must be attached – along with the "Contract Information Sheet". As stated on the form – PLEASE FILL OUT COMPLETELY.  Again, next to your name, include your MLS ID number.  You must include your commission information in the space provided near the bottom of this form.

All Fax Cover Sheets state on them what is required to be turned in.  It’s not always possible to get ALL the paperwork in at the same time, but get in what you have and then – use the Fax Cover Sheet that says "Paperwork Additions" when turning in the rest.  Please add the File Number (that is on your Transaction Tracking Control Sheet when the file is opened) ... please include the client’s name ... you can put that right under the File Number.

These forms are self-explanatory for the most part.  If you have any questions about them whatsoever, please contact the office (Agent to Admin # 623-455-3656) ... we are always happy to assist you.

In the past, some of these forms have been filled out for you if they were missing information, but with the growing number of agents, listings and sales coming into the office, we can no longer do this.

Paperwork is due within 5 days of execution of contracts.

Thank you for your help!!


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